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Industrial Heritage

Please note that the Energiefabrik Knappenrode is closed until 15 October 2020 due to construction work.

Under pressure

For almost exactly 75 years, from 1918 to 1993, the briquette factory in Knappenrode, south of Hoyerswerda, used electric and steam-powered presses and gigantic pressure to produce 67 million tons of lignite briquettes for households and industry. This happened under conditions that we can hardly imagine today, in heat, noise and dust which are simulated on huge projectors in today's Energy Factory – this happens three times a day, to show the start of a new shift. The factory, one of the four locations of the Saxon Museum of Industry, is an overwhelming experience for all the senses. But otherwise too, a visit to the Energy Factory Knappenrode is an invigorating experience. After all, this briquette factory, once the most modern in Germany, was re-opened as an industrial museum just a year after its production was closed, thanks to a certain investment backlog in GDR times. In addition to the discovery trail through the factory, visitors to the 60-acre museum landscape can see Saxony’s largest exhibition of furnaces and fireplaces with about 120 exhibits, historical machines and vehicle technology as well as special exhibitions. Knappenrode itself came into existence with the briquette factory and therefore reflects its history. Initially named after its director Werminghoff, the briquette factory was given a “less capitalist” name in 1950 by the new communist authorities.

Knappenrode Energy Factory is a station of the "ENERGY Route of the Lusatian Industrial Culture".

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