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Here, we have listed further information on the general decree on COVID-19 regulations by the Free State of Saxony and further links for your information.

Saxony. State of the arts.

Welcome to Saxony

Saxony - the sophisticated state that unites 1,000 years of cultural history and scenic beauty. Top-class art and culture, world-famous traditional handicraft and modern manufacture await you. The musical landscape of Saxony is unique in Germany. Especially the cities hold a great appeal. Stately castles, palaces and gardens are part of the great historico-cultural heritage. Saxony impresses with historical steam trains and a long history of automobile manufacture.   

High-quality wellness and health holidays are connected with health and spa resorts rich in tradition. Together with an unmistakable nature, active and family holidays are highly appreciated. In large parts of Saxony offering handicapped accessible travel  and lodging options is perfectly natural.

Saxony Travel Dreams

Until your next stay, why not gather new travel ideas? So, let us take you on your dream holiday through Saxony. Experience virtual moments full of inspiration, explore unique sights like beautiful castles and romantic towns and discover traditions that you can only find in “Saxony. State of the Arts”. Most importantly, share your #SaxonyTravelDreams– now is the time!


City Tours

Saxony's range of city tours is stunning: Whether large or small - their architecture, their cultural treasures like museums, castles or churches and renowned events represent the cultural richness of Saxony. A visit to our cities makes you rich.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Two sites which have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status impressively underline Saxony's reputation as the number one cultural tourist destination in Germany: “Muskauer Park / Park Mużakowski” and the “Ore Mountains / Krušnohoří Mining Region”


“48 hours in ...“: -Your city break in Saxony

Curious what your perfect long weekend in Saxony could look like? With their unique architecture, interesting museums, events, shopping und culinary specialities, Saxony’s picturesque towns and cities make for inspirational short trips. Here are our insider tips full of great sights and must-sees!


Cultural destination No. 1

Saxony is well-known for its distinctive cultural treasures, from world-famous art collections, an amazing musical landscape, splendid castles and palaces, top-notch festivals and exhibitions, centuries-old traditions as well as handcrafted luxury goods to a fine cuisine.


Unique musical landscape

The musical landscape of Saxony covers everything from instrument manufactoring to fine performances in famous venues. Composers like Bach, Schütz, Schumann, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Wagner were either born or lived in Saxony. Orchestras and venues of world-renown attract visitors as do concerts of the famous boys choirs Thomanerchor and Kreuzchor.



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