• Meissen and Meißner Burgberg
Meissen and Meißner BurgbergSchloss Hartenfels, castle in TorgauWine celebration, Parkschoppenfest at the Wackerbarth castleZwinger palace DresdenHohnstein castle in winterInterior space of the Albrechtsburg Meissen

Saxon Castles and Palaces (3 days)

Feel like a knight for once, and explore castles and palaces. On this tour that dream becomes reality. 

Day 1: Rochlitz - Kriebstein (23 km) - Augustusburg (40 km)

  • With its more than 1,000 years of history, Schloss Rochlitz Castle is the first stop of this tour. It is often linked to illustrious names of German emperors, kings and Saxon electors. Visit to the permanent exhibition on the Wettins (former ru­ling family) that have been forgotten.
  • Visit of nearby Burg Kriebstein Castle, located high above the Zschopau river – Saxony’s most beautiful knights’ castle.
  • And on the Renaissance castle “Augustusburg” you will find one of the most significant collections of motorcycles in Europe and one of the most precious Cranach paintings in Saxony.

Day 2: Meißen (77km) - Moritzburg (16 km) - Königstein (63 km)

  • Albrechtsburg Castle in Meißen is the first German castle building and first residence of the Wettins in the region.
  • Schloss Moritzburg Castle, former hunting lodge and maison de plaisance of Augustus the Strong, ranks among Europe’s most beautiful moated castles. And nearby lies a charming summer residence in chinois style – Little Pheasant Castle.
  • Located high above Saxon Switzerland, Festung Königstein Fortress is one of mightiest mountain fortresses in Europe. It has never been taken.

Day 3: Stolpen (26 km) – Rammenau (23 km) – Bad Muskau (92 km)

  • Stolpen Castle is not only beautifully located, it is also closely linked to the story of the Countess Cosel. The mistress of Augustus the Strong spent almost 50 years of her life imprisoned here.
  • With its rambling park Schloss Rammenau Castle is one of the most beautiful country Baroque compounds in Saxony.
  • The castle ensemble of Bad Muskau is located in the famous Fürst Pückler Park, which is listed as UNESCO world heritage.