• Freiberg christmas market
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Christmas Traditions in Saxony (2 days)

During Advent time Saxony is an especially charming destination. Century-old traditions and customs are practised here in a unique density – all-year long in manufactories, show workshops and museums, and during Advent with romantic, worldfamous Christmas markets.

Day 1: Herrnhut – Weißenberg (27 km) – Pulsnitz (50 km) – Freiberg (68 km)

  • Visit to the show workshop of the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH. During Advent, the Herrnhut star (approximately 180 years old) illuminates thousands of apartments, churches, squares and streets in Saxony and beyond.
  • Short stop in Weißenberg with a visit to the museum “Alte Pfefferküchlerei”, the oldest and only monument used as a museum of the gingerbread craft in Europe.
  • Trip to Pulsnitz, the town of gingerbread: In nine gingerbread bakeries the centuries-old tradition of producing these tasty pastries is kept alive until this day.
  • Visit to the Pulsnitz gingerbread factory with tasting and insights into the production.
  • Visit to the municipal and gingerbread museum with show workshop.
  • Freiberg: Guided tour of the historic centre and visit to the cathedral with its Silbermann organs.
  • Visit to the world’s biggest mineral exhibition, the “terra ­mineralia” at Schloss Freudenstein Castle.

Day 2: Grünhainichen – Seiffen (37 km) – Annaberg-Buchholz (48 km)

  • Trip to Grünhainichen and visit to the “Wendt & Kühn” world (exhibition days with a "look behind the scenes" in the show workshops: www.wendt-kuehn.de), manufacturer of well-known Christmas decorations, e.g. the famous “Elf-Punkte-Engel” (angel figurines with 11 dots on their wings), the “Blumenkinder” (figurines holding flowers) and seasonal decorations.
  • Trip to Seiffen, centre of craftsmanship from the Ore Mountains: Visit to the museum of toys and the show workshops of the Seiffener Volkskunst eG and the Erzgebirgische Volks­kunst Richard Glässer GmbH.
  • Tour of the famous mountain church with organ play.
  • Trip to Annaberg-Buchholz: Visit to the “Manufaktur der Träume” (manufactory of dreams): the unique collection shows 1,000 objects of folk art and craftsmanship of historical value that originated in the Saxon and Bohemian Ore Mountains or in the Vogtland. The collection covers a period of four centuries, from the early 17th century until today.
  • Tour of the mountain church St. Marien and St. Annenkirche church with its many colourful paintings of biblical scenes and the famous Annaberg mountain altarpiece. Visit to the Adam Ries Museum.
  • Tips for Advent: Visit to the Christmas markets in Saxon towns, e.g. the Striezelmarkt in Dresden, or at castles and palaces; miners parades and “Mettenschichten” (last shift below ground before Christmas Eve) in the Ore Mountains; Stollen baking courses with selected Stollen bakers; “Neinerlaa” meals; performances of the Christmas Oratorio by J. S. Bach or similar Christmas concerts.