• Objet en bois de l'Erzgebirge
Objet en bois de l'ErzgebirgeAnnual mountain parade finale in Annaberg-BuchholzChristmas Candle Arch in SaydaZwoenitzer HutzentageDresdner Christstollen Cake

Miners´ Parades

Ore Mountains and Christmas, that also stands for contemplation and a blaze of light. In accordance with the miner's yearning for light, white fairy lights are shining on market places, light angels and miner figures as well as Schwibbögen are illuminating the windows.

Especially touching are the mountain and miner's parades that take place every year in historic habits in the strongholds of former mining. Originally, the miners' processions and parades served to honour the territorial lord and his retinue on special occasions such as weddings or visits from distinguished. Today, they are the highlight of the Erzgebirge Christmas markets and the quarter-year celebrations dating from the old mining calendar. The miners' marches associated with them are unique to Saxony.


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