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Narrow gauge railways in Saxony

Nostalgic rides on historic steam trains

Railway enthusiasts will enjoy their trip to Saxony to the fullest. Whether on the Fichtelberg, in the Weißeritz or Preßnitz valley, in the Zittau Mountains or along the Döllnitz - nowhere else in Germany are there so many historic steam trains like in Saxony. Additionally, there are museum railways, railway museums and miniature railways.

Full steam ahead for more than 125 years

For more than 125 years, there have been running steam trains on the narrow gauge of 750 mm in Saxony. Five of the former royal Saxon narrow gauge railways are still running on almost 100 kilometres of track length from morning to evening. The rides with the railways Döllnitzbahn, Fichtelbergbahn, Lößnitzgrundbahn, Weißeritztalbahn and Zittauer Schmalspurbahn are a special experience


Railway stations, railroad depots and railway museums

Not only cold iron can be admired in the historic buildings that are also called heating houses - but also engines will steam you up. From the Ore Mountains to Upper Lusatia, from Leipzig to Dresden and naturally also in Europe's biggest still fully functional steam engine railroad depot in Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf you will find railway enthusiasts who would love to show their "iron horses" to you.


Narrow gauge museum railways and museums

Numerous railway enthusiasts have devoted themselves to the preservation of Saxon railway history and founded museum railways. For that purpose 10 km of removed tracks have been re-laid in the Ore Mountains. You should not miss it when the trains go on a journey there today.  In the Preßnitz valley and in the Schönheide (heath) trains regularly run during events. In Upper Lusatia the forest railway "Waldeisenbahn Muskau" is puffing along the 600-millimetre-wide track as the last of its kind in Germany.