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Industrial Heritage in Saxony

The relevance of Saxony as the former leading economic region in Germany can be experienced along the "Saxon Route of Industrial Heritage" - whether in museums where this great tradition is preserved or in active productions. From the former variety  mining, textiles, vehicles and transport, food and drink as well as paper and print stand out. Even other branches of industry are represented, as well as outstanding achievements in architecture.


Saxon Route of Industrial Heritage

The “Saxon Route of Industrial Heritage” leads to all witnesses of Saxony’s golden industrial age - not only into the past, but also into the present and the future.



Siver Rush

When settlers found silver near Christiansdorf in 1168, this marked the start of more than 800 years of mining history and technological innovation.



Past and Present

With Leipzig as a centre of international trade, the introduction of water power, a well-developed infrastructure, and raw materials, all the necessary conditions for a successful foundation of the textile industry were given.


Vehicles and Transport

Acceleration and Deceleration

The development of transport was one of the most important requirements of industrialization, and was in turn driven by industrialization - also in Saxony.


Food and Drink

Coffee Saxons and Gold Crowns

In volume 20 of the great German Dictionary, there is the word “Kaffeesachse”, “Coffee Saxon”, which does not refer to the per capita coffee consumption of the Saxons, but to the preference of the Saxons for pleasures of all kinds.


Paper and Print

Black on White

Until 1945, Leipzig was the German printing and publishing capital, where besides of  world-famous publishers also manufacturing operations and mechanical engineering companies  were active.



Function und Form

Many outstanding industrial buildings were built in Saxony, the heartland of German industrialization and due to lack of investment in GDR times much has remained.


Other Branches of Industry

The Art of Craft

The overall picture of Saxon industrial heritage includes ancient craft and manufacturing, where they were either precursors of industrial production or have survived in niches.