• Durch den Wald im Erzgebirge mit Profi-Mountainbiker Marco Hösel
Durch den Wald im Erzgebirge mit Profi-Mountainbiker Marco HöselCycling and skating in the Lusatian Lakeland

Through woods and meadows and 1000 years of Saxon history

If you have itchy feet and are raring to go abroad, then it is that time again: prepare for an adventure! Whether it is last-minute or planned, whether it is hiking, cycling, mountain biking, motor biking, winter holidays or water tourism - it's a matter of tackling Saxon adventures of the more than 1000-year-old cultural history of Saxony.


Take the Road

The very popular Malerweg leads into the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. On the „Vogtland-Panorama-Weg" the Vogtland presents its most attractive side. And also the Oberlausitzer Bergweg, the Ore Mountain KAMMtour, the Muldentalwanderweg and the Sächsische Weinwanderweg rank among the top trails.



Rising high in Saxony!

Cycling in Saxony is pure excitement - whether with trekking or mountain bikes. The tours lead into the mountains, the vineyards, the magnificent historic city centres. You will encounter the musical instruments manufacture as well as many lakes, quiet places and lots of nature on the Neiße and Spree.

Mountain Biking

Off the paved streets, on trails, forest roads, paths and along river banks, through valleys, woods and plateaus, over bridges and ski jumps, past castles and fortresses - mountain bikers can pick the best out of the Saxon landscapes. „Sax-Tracks" shows the best mountain bike trails in Saxony and the greatest events. In short, in Saxony, mountain bikers can let it rip.


Water Tourism

Surfing on the Atlantic Ocean? Why so far away if it is so near...? Aside from great art and culture, industrial history and traditional handicraft, Saxony has also active highlights to offer - the rivers Elbe, Mulde, Zschopau and Striegis, dams, lakes and ponds are absolutely suitable for water sports and are just waiting to be conquered. Whether it is surfing, sailing, fishing, canoeing or bathing and swimming, there is something for every water sports enthusiast.


High-powered fun on two wheels

If you would like to get to know the scenic most beautiful motorbike tours, motorbike hotels and motorbike events, you can find them here. Because whoever visits Saxony on two wheels has a lot of fun on our winding highland roads, gentle mountain landscapes and vast  river valleys of the Elbe, Mulde, Striegis, Neiße and Spree but also in the historic places in our cities.


Winter Holidays in Saxony

Helicopter skiing in Canada, snowshoeing in Scandinavia, glacier climbing in Switzerland - but winter holidays in Saxony?! Yes, indeed! The Saxon winter sports regions offer the best conditions: snow-sure places, manifold landscapes, miles and miles of cross-country skiing trails, an astonishing number of ski-runs, great excursion destinations.