Visitor mine "Marie Louise Stolln"

Talstraße 2 a, 01816 Berggießhübel / Sächsische Schweiz

Tel. : + 40 (0) 35023 52980


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... you little miners in the Saxon Switzerland Open all year, we offer you exciting adventures in every season. No matter how the weather is outside, our underground is always consistently beautiful. Join our miners in the fascinating underground world.

Do you know what a mouth hole, a chew, an "old man" or an ass-leather are? Let yourself be surprised! You hear many interesting stories about miner's language and the miners' past work. Iron ore was once mined in the "Marie Louise Stolln". Using magnets, you can feel the power of the ore in the Mother of God camp. We also have an underground lake, but not for bathing, in summertime invites you to the opposite outdoor pool Billy. Please bring warm clothes in the summer as well, with us it's always 10 ° C and our tours last one hour! Overground invites our old mine train to play, in the museum you can see minerals and old items that are made of iron ore.

In addition to our exciting tours are held regularly varied events - we are happy to organize these for you, your family and friends individually to your desired date!




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FAMILY EVENTS (Dates on the Internet)

  •  Fairytale Layers with Vespers
  •  Autumn festival with flea market and lots of family fun under and over on 19. and  20.09.2020
  •  Halloween with the mountain spirits on 31.10.2020
  •  Mettenschichten - Christmas in the mine
  • Christmas parties for children groups

KIDS BIRTHDAY in the mine celebrate with

  •  Child-friendly (flashlight) guide and treasure hunt with gemstone sieves (from 5 years)
  •  Vespers or hearty food on the underground lake or over the chew
  •  Barbecue area overground
  •  Campfire with cudgel cake




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