Nimbschen Convent

Nimbschener Landstrasse 1, 04668 Grimma

Tel. : +49 (0) 3437 9950

Fax : +49 (0) 3437 995299



In 1509 Katharina von Bora, who later married Martin Luther, was admitted to Marienthron convent in Nimbschen near Grimma, which belonged to the Cistercians. She received a good education and made her vows – at the earliest possible time – six years later. The convent was unable to escape the ideas of the Reformation. In the spring of 1523 twelve nuns fled in a covered wagon belonging to Torgau councilor Leonhard Koppe, and nine of them reached Wittenberg via Torgau, including Katharina. 1536 the last abbess died and the convent was dissolved and continued as a business operation. Next to the picturesque ruins is now the Hotel Kloster Nimbschen, in the former stables and granaries. A chapel was erected in the Gothic style to commemorate the convent and its famous resident. A small exhibition about the convent is located in Grimma’s district museum, located in a former girls’ school in the historic town center.

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