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Altes Rathaus, townhall in PlauenPlauen in wintertimePlauen bridges in wintertimePlauen christmas market

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Lace Museum and show embroidering

The lace museum in the old guildhall in Plauen shows the history of the filigree handicraft from the past until today. It is the only lace museum in Germany. During the show embroidering you can watch the works of art, made of tulle and lace, being made on traditional machines. It is therefore worth your while to go on lace tour in Plauen.

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Detail view of Statue, Erich Ohser, E.O. plauen memorial Father and son

Galerie e.o.plauen

The gallery e.o.plauen shows the versatile work of art by the brilliant illustrator and caricaturist and famous son of the city of Plauen, Erich Ohser.

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The famous Plauener Spitze® (lace)

For 120 years, a worldwide known product has been coming from Plauen: the Plauener Spitze®.  It has its roots in the centuries-old tradition of local textile manufacturing. In 1883, the fine products set out to conquer the textile world under the name of Plauener Spitze. To this day, the exclusiveness is at home in the textile firms of the city.

Tip: Plauen's bridges

Another eye catcher are Plauen's bridges. One of the oldest contemporary witnesses of the city is the Alte Elsterbrücke (Old Magpie-Bridge). The Friedensbrücke (Peace Bridge) is the stone arch bridge with the furthest span in the world. The 100-year-old viaduct spans the Syra valley with an arch of 90 metres. Two or three steps are all it takes to enjoy the marvellous nature surrounding the city.  

Events in Plauen

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Plauen Christmas Market

market / fair, Christmas event

Plauen christmas market

27.11.2021 - 22.12.2021, Begin: 10.00 Uhr, End: 21.00 Uhr | Plauen

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