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Worth Seeing

The Zittau Lenten Veils

The city's most significant treasure is the "Great Zittau Lenten veil from 1472" in the Museum Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz (Church of The Holy Cross). The "Small Zittau Lenten veil (1573)" is unique in Germany and adorns the Cultural History Museum in the Franciscan monastery. Both exhibition sites are part of the cross-border touristic route "Via Sacra".

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Church of St. Johannis Zittau

The historical monument Johanniskirche in the heart of Zittau is a unique architectural experience. The church was erected anew in 1837 by Schinkel in neo-classical style. Whoever climbs the 266 steps of the 60-metre-high lookout tower is rewarded by a unique panoramic view over the city and the nearby Zittau Mountains. Each day at the same time the trumpet of the tower watchman rings out from the viewing platform.

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Discover Zittau

Townhall in Zittau

The historic city centre

The countenance of the market place is determined by the guildhall, designed by Schinkel in Italian style with one of Saxony's most beautiful Council chambers, and the Church of St. Johannis.  The Zittau "Salzhaus", built in 1511 and one of Germanys biggest storage facilities, and many baroque ornamental fountains complete the picture. The historic city centre is enclosed by a leafy city wall as it is rarely found.

Fleischerbastei with flower clock

Tip: "Fleischerbastei" and Zittau Mountains

In Zittau, the public baths from 1873 and the "Fleischerbastei" (butcher's bastion) are a feast for the eyes. Its famous flower clock is highlighted by a glockenspiel made of Meissener Porcelain. Those looking for romance take the narrow-gauge railway to the hiking paradise Zittau Mountains. 

Events in Zittau

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