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Welcome to Saxony

Saxony - the sophisticated state that unites 1000 years of cultural history and scenic beauty. Top-class art and culture, world-famous traditional handicraft and modern manufacture await you. The musical landscape of Saxony is unique in Germany. Especially the cities hold a great appeal. Stately castles, palaces and gardens are part of the great historico-cultural heritage. Saxony impresses with historical steam trains and a long history of automobile manufacture.   

High-quality wellness and health holidays are connected with health resorts rich in tradition. Together with an unmistakable nature, active and family holidays are highly appreciated. In large parts of Saxony offering handicapped accessible travel  and lodging options is perfectly natural.

Häuserfront in Meissen

City Tours

Saxony's range of city tours is stunning: Whether large or the smaller cities - their architecture, their museum treasures and renowned events represent the cultural richness of Saxony. A visit to our cities makes you rich.


Barockgarten Grossedlitz

Art & Culture

The musical landscape of Saxony is second to none in Germany and covers everything from instrument building to fine performances in famous venues. Famous composers like Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Wagner were either born or lived in Saxony. Dresden has some of the best art collections in the world while Leipzig stands for cutting-edge contemporary art. Music and art are also no strangers to the medieval town and the numerous castles and palaces of Saxony. The Ore Mountains and the Upper Lusatia region are well-known for their traditions. And Saxony is also famous for its handcrafted luxury goods and its automobiles.


Cover CD Club Lounge Saxony

Club Lounge Saxony IV

Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen has just published the fourth edition of its CD series Club Lounge Saxony. Volume 4 is once again packed with fantastic tracks by DJs and music producers from Saxony with music ranging from deep house, minimal and electronic to pulsating club tunes.


Innenraum Frauenkirche Dresden

“The best church composer ever …”

In 2014, Saxony celebrates the 300th birthday of Gottried August Homilius. A student of the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach, he was appointed organist of the newly built Frauenkirche church in 1742. Thirteen years later, he became cantor of one of the oldest and most famous boys’ choirs in the world, the Dresden Kreuzchor.

The Dome of Freiberg

Silbermann’s most famous organ celebrates its 300th anniversary

It was the first large organ he built and is still considered his most significant instrument: The organ in Freiberg Cathedral, created by the famous Saxon organ builder Gottfried Silbermann. This year, what is probably the most beautiful organ in the world celebrates its 300th anniversary. The grand Silbermann organ in Freiberg Cathedral is one of the best preserved organs from the baroque era.


Pics and videos

Silhouette Leipzig
Paar sitzt gemeinsam in Sauna
Mountainbiken auf dem Erzgebirgskamm
Barrierefreies Museum in Leipzig erleben
Weihnachtsmarkt Grossenhain