Plauener Spitzenmuseum – Plauen Lace Museum

Altmarkt (im alten Rathaus), 08523 Plauen

Tel. : +49 (0) 3741 222355

Fax : +49 (0) 3741 281192


“Plauen lace” with its magical touch has made the city famous all over the world. Lace embroidery has been the key theme running through the city’s history. Plauen was already the centre of the cloth making and cotton weaving trades in the 15th and 16th centuries. Hand embroidery was introduced in the 19th century, and this was extended to include embroidered tulle. Incidentally, this was the basis for the future success of Plauen lace. About 16,000 embroidery machines were in use in 1912, the heyday of the industry.



Additional access information for wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility:

  • Closed back entrance (>90 cm) via mobile ramp (18 % slope, 1.5 m length)
  • Doorbell at main entrance
  • The exhibition (door >110 cm) is accessible via 1 step of 6 cm, an accompanying person is required
  • The ticket office and shop are not accessible for wheelchairs

  • Toilet for wheelchair users according to guildhall opening hours:
    • Lift: Door: 90 cm, space of 92x200 cm for turning a wheelchair, control panel inside 130 cm
    • Further toilet with EURO key in the Lichthof

Industrial Heritage

Mechanical sophistication

The slogan “Plauen Lace, well-known worldwide” in sweeping illuminated letters was located until 2012 on an industrial building in Plauen. And the slogan is still not wrong. As early as 1810, commercial hand embroidery in Plauen was well-known, and in 1828 more than 2,000 people were employed in whitework embroidery. The industrialization of the craft proceeded just as quickly. The first hand embroidery machines in the Vogtland still came from the Alsace and Switzerland, but Theodor Bickel was the first person to successfully produce machine-embroidered tulle lace with satin stitches. In 1883, the first shuttle embroidery machines were set up in Plauen, which enabled the production of real tulle lace. Salesmanship was also not lacking. The registered trademark “Plauener Spitze ®” was introduced and translated melodiously for the world market as “Saxon Lace”, “Plauen Lace” and “Dentelles de Saxe”. Embroidery had its heyday in the Belle Époque, the forty years before World War I, but there are still around 40 mostly small companies operating in the Vogtland. Plauen Lace Museum is situated in the Gothic part of the historic town hall.

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  • Scenic Route Icon Vogtland Reeves' Cultural Trail - Stage 1: From Greiz to Gera
  • Long distance hiking trail Icon EB Eisenach - Budapest
  • Cycling Icon Göltzschtalradwege - Abschnitt Lengenfeld bis Göltzschtalbrücke
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  • Hiking trail Icon 4 Gipfeltour
  • Hiking trail Icon Plauener Rundwanderweg

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Accessibility Information


  • There is a parking area for disabled persons

Access to the facility / moving inside the facility

Ramps with > 6% ascent are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 70 cm
    Entrance with max. one step or ramp


Operating elements with a height of > 115 cm are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 80 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space inside elevator min. 90 x 120 cm

WC for wheelchair users

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space in front of toilet min. 150 x 150 cm
    Space left or right of the toilet min. 90 cm
    Folding toilet support rails present