Old Waterworks and the Ortenburg

Ortenburg 3 - 5, 02526 Bautzen

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Special features of Bautzen are its lookout towers. The old waterworks with the viewing platform and historic pump station are the city's symbol. The Ortenburg with the Burgtheater distinctively characterises this ensemble.

From afar »The Town of Towers« greets travellers with its rooftops and tall landmarks such as the »Alte Wasserkunst« (old waterworks), St Petri Cathedral, and the Michaelis Church. Ortenburg Castle, at the Via Regia (king's road), with its Renaissance gables, for so long the centre of power in Upper Lusatia, towers high above the river Spree and the »Seidau«, but drawbridges and defensive walls have long since disappeared. Today, the defensive structure is open, hospitable and often the scene of cultural events. The main building accommodates the Superior Administration Court of Saxony. In the former »Salzhaus« (salt house), visitors can visit the Sorbic Museum and discover the culture of the Sorbs, a Slavic people who have acquired the status of a recognised national minority. 

The Castle Theater is one of the venues for the reknown German-Sorb Volkstheater, and it is also possible to relax in the »Burghof« restaurant. Walking along the fortifications the visitor can enjoy a wonderful view of the winding streets of the old town, which is well worth a visit and is teeming with bars, restaurants and cosy pubs.

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