Meissen State Porcelain Manufactory - HAUS MEISSEN®

Talstraße 9, 01662 Meißen

Tel. : +49 (0) 3521 468208

Fax : +49 (0) 3521 468804


Visitors from all over the world get enchanted by the precious exhibits originating from three centuries, which are shown day by day in the hall of the national porcelain manufacture Meissen. In the evening time, when the exhibition hall is converted into a concert hall with an atmosphere that is simply unique, the music enthusiasts among you will have a blast with respect to musical highlights. Famous artists, outstanding acoustics along with the ambience of the exhibition hall and the organ made of Meissen porcelain make each concert to a delight for the senses.  

A world of experience is to be found not far from Dresden, right in the Manufactory at Meißen, at the House of MEISSEN® , where the world famous Meissen Porcelain® is really brought to life. Around 280,000 people visit the Manufactory and are thrilled by what they see. We would love to welcome you, too, to one of our events or exhibitions.

The Museum of MEISSEN® Art is  the most comprehensive collection of Meissen Porcelains® from the beginnings in 1710 to the present day and therefore unique amongst the world’s collections of MEISSEN®.

The Demonstration Workshops invite you to experience how the famous Meissen Porcelain® takes shape before your very eyes.


Notes on accessibility / deviations from the pictograms:

  • Wheelchair users please register
  • Stairlift available
  • Lift controls at 130 cm
  • Toilet for wheelchair users:
    • In the ticket desk area: door 90 cm, 190x180 cm in front and 100 cm to the right of the toilet; 49 cm toilet height
    • In the museum: Door 94 cm, 148x115 cm in front and 78 cm to the left of the toilet; 46 cm toilet height

  • Wheelchairs are available on loan, please contact us in advance

  • Guided tours for the blind and guests with learning and mental handicaps are available on request


At The House of Meissen you can experience the world-famous MEISSEN PORZELLAN® up-close, at the demonstration workshops of the manufactory, the museum of the Meissen Porcelain-Foundation, or you can do some shopping and enjoy a gourmet treat at the Café & Restaurant MEISSEN®. Welcome!

Industrial Heritage

White gold

To talk about porcelain from Meissen is like carrying water in the Elbe, as the oldest porcelain in Europe is after all one of the most famous luxury brands in Germany. The invention of European hard-paste porcelain is associated with the name of the alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger, although it was more a community project funded by the Saxon Elector. After many laboratory experiments, manufactory production began in 1710 at Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen. The castle was chosen because it was hoped to be able to protect the trade secrets there. But in vain, because the recipe soon escaped and porcelain manufactories were set up throughout Europe. That the registered trademark MEISSEN persists to this day, is due not only to the company’s insistence on exclusivity but also its adaptability. The list of artists who have created contemporary designs for the manufactory is long. At its present location, a few minutes’ walk from the medieval centre of Meissen, the porcelain manufactory has its own visitor centre with demonstration workshops, exhibition hall and sales rooms. There you can dine on the fine china and listen to the sound of the world’s first organ with porcelain pipes, either at concerts or with advanced booking. The history of porcelain from Meissen is also remembered by the porcelain collection in the Zwinger in Dresden and the permanent exhibition at the Albrechtsburg Castle.

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Accessibility Information


  • There is a parking area for disabled persons

Access to the facility / moving inside the facility

Ramps with > 6% ascent are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Entrance without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp


Operating elements with a height of > 115 cm are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space inside elevator min. 110 x 140 cm

WC for wheelchair users

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space in front of toilet min. 150 x 150 cm
    Space left or right of the toilet min. 90 cm
    Folding toilet support rails present

Additional aids / Offers

  • Aids / Offers for blind and visually impaired persons

  • Aids / Offers for persons with learning and mental disabilities