Freiberg Municipal and Mining Museum

Am Dom 1, 09599 Freiberg

Tel. : +49 (0) 3731 20250

Fax : +49 (0) 3731 23197


Originally built in 1485 as a residence for the cathedral clergy, the building is without a doubt one of the most beautiful late-gothic period buildings in the entire mining city and always worth a visit. The Freiberg City and Mining Museum, founded in 1861 by the Freiberg Historical Society, is one of the oldest publicly-erected museums in Saxony.

A wide range of presentations lead the visitor into the world of local mining and illustrate the important highlights of Freiberg´s history. The fun continues with the exciting history of Freiberg in the middle ages. There is a presentation dedicated to the second urban mining boom of the early modern period. There is also a designated area makes for the era of industrialisation and cultural change. 


Additional access information for wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility:

  • Access via ramp (14% gradient, 3.3 m length) at side entrance (door >90 cm)
  • The ground floor completely accessible for wheelchair users
  • The upper floor is only accessible via steps
  • WC for wheelchair users: Door 100 cm, 126x210 cm in front of and 57 cm beside the WC

  • Guide portfolio in large print for visually impaired guests available

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Accessibility Information


  • There is a parking area for disabled persons

Access to the facility / moving inside the facility

Ramps with > 6% ascent are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 70 cm
    Entrance with max. one step or ramp

WC for wheelchair users

  • Door width min. 70 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space in front of toilet min. 120 x 120 cm
    Space left or right of the toilet min. 70 cm
    Folding toilet support rails present

Additional aids / Offers

  • Aids / Offers for blind and visually impaired persons