• Schloss Hartenfels, castle in Torgau
Schloss Hartenfels, castle in TorgauMonastery Church Grimma SiesingBach Museum LeipzigNimbschen Monastery DITTRICHTulip Pulpet in the Freiberg CathedralMonastery St. Marienstern WEISFLOGViolin making PECH

On the trail of the Reformation in Saxony (3 days)

By the end of the 16th cent., Saxony was already known by the name of “Mother of Reformation”. Explore the rich heritage from these times!

Day 1: Dresden

  • Themed city walk with Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) and Jägerhof.
  • Visit to the world-famous Dresden State Art Collections with the largest collection of items from the Reformation period.
  • Visit to the “Old Masters” gallery with the most comprising Cranach collection in the world.
  • Tour of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), which ­embodies Martin Luther’s idea of a Protestant church building.

Day 2: Freiberg (38 km) – Grimma and Luther Trail (79 km)

  • Tour of Freiberg Cathedral: Burial place of the Protestant Wettins; performance on the famous Silbermann organs.
  • Tour of Schloss Freudenstein Castle, seat of Prince Henry the Pious who implemented the Reformation in Saxony.
  • Visit to the church of the former Augustinian monastery in Grimma where Luther used to preach frequently.
  • Visit to the nearby ruins of Nimbschen convent with guided tour.

Tip: Short hike on the Saxon Luther Trail, e. g. from Grimma to Nimbschen (3 km).

Day 3: Torgau (53 km) – Leipzig (54 km)

  • Torgau, the political centre of Reformation, awaits you with different sites related to the Reformation: Schloss Hartenfels Castle as residence of the electors, with the famous stair tower “Wendelstein” and the first Protestant new church building consecrated by Luther, the last residence of Katharina von Bora, the church Marienkirche with Katharina von Bora epitaph, and the altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder, as well as beautiful Renaissance houses.

Tip: A hearty meal at the restaurant “Herr Käthe”.

  • Leipzig was the site of the Debate that took place in 1519 between Luther and Johannes Eck: themed guided city tour/walk with a tour of the churches Thomaskirche and Nikolaikirche, municipal museum, Bach Museum.

Tips: After Wittenberg, Zwickau was the second town to implement the Reformation. Visit the places where Luther preached and where Thomas Müntzer worked. The trail of Reformation in Saxony can be ­explored actively along the cycle route Elberadweg: in Pirna, Dresden, Meißen, and Torgau.