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Acceleration and Deceleration

The development of transport was one of the most important requirements of industrialization, and was in turn driven by industrialization.The Leipzig-Dresden Railway was the first long-distance railway in Germany and was followed by the first – in those days –  international route from Leipzig to Magdeburg. The Saxonia, built in Übigau near Dresden, was the first German locomotive. Pioneers such as Emil Hermann Nacke and August Horch founded the Saxon automotive industry, which is in full bloom again today. Nostalgic people get their money’s worth in Saxony: steam transport is available every day of the year. No visit to Dresden would be complete without a paddle steamer trip on the River Elbe. And where else can a horse tram and a mountain cable car be next to each other?


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Means of transport

Dresden Suspension Railway

01326 Dresden

Above the “Blue Wonder” bridge in Dresden, the suspension railway goes up and down the banks of the Elbe.

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Textile and Racing Museum TRM

09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal

The "double museum" deals with both the textile industry in the region and with the racing at Sachsenring.

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Transport Museum in Dresden

01067 Dresden

Experience the world of mobiles in the JOHANNEUM at the Neumarkt, the oldest exhibition building in Dresden.

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