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Past and Present

As before in England and later in parts of Asia, the textile industry was Saxony’s engine of industrialization. With Leipzig as a centre of international trade, the introduction of water power, a well-developed infrastructure, and to a limited extent raw materials, all the necessary conditions for a successful foundation of the textile industry were given. Far-sighted entrepreneurs invested in all areas from research to trade, but particularly successfully in the production of textile machines, with its centre in Chemnitz. Products such as Plauen lace, embroidery from Eibenstock or damask from Gross-Schönau soon dominated the world market. Many of these products are still manufactured in Saxony, albeit on a smaller scale. And glimpses into the past and present are always possible for interested visitors.


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Textile and Racing Museum TRM

09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal

The "double museum" deals with both the textile industry in the region and with the racing at Sachsenring.

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Textile Factory Gebr. Pfau – Saxon Industrial Museum

08451 Crimmitschau

From the wool flake to the finished cloth. In the textile factory Gebr. Pfau, the former glory of an entire industry is brought back to life.

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