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Heidersdorf, towards Olbernhau

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If you enjoy driving in the mountains, then you’ll love the Ore Mountains where one curve follows the other, in particular when driving along the mountain ridge and the Czech border between Olbernhau und Oberwiesenthal.


This tour leads through a nature park which is as densely wooded as no other in Germany. You’ll also go on a time travel and encounter reminders of Saxony’s history of mining which goes back more than 500 years. While moving up on the Ore Mountains ridge bit by bit and up to 1,200 metres, imagine how, deep below you, miners once digged for silver ores. The silver resources might have dried up, the fascinating scenery, however, and the unique local arts and crafts are still very much present and alive. If you’re after the best view, you should make your way up to to the 1215 metres high “Fichtelberg“ mountain. It is also ski jumper Jens Weißflog’s local mountain: The most successful German ski jumper of all time, world and olympic champion among other things, was born in the Ore Mountains.

The route also features something extra special for motorbike aficionados with one of the most eminent European motorbike collections in Augustusburg Castle above Zschopau.

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