The world of the GDR

Antonstraße 2A, 01097 Dresden

Tel. : +49 (0) 351 56340888


Experience the world behind the "Iron Curtain" and immerse yourself in the history of the recent German past.

After the relocation of the former GDR museum from Radebeul to the center at the Simmel-Hochhaus, Antonstraße 2A in Dresden (Neustadt), you will be presented with objects, facilities and organizations in a modern exhibition with a connection to the Historical high-rise (DVB tower).
Go on an exciting journey through everyday life in the GDR - kindergarten, school, work, but also living, shopping, holidays, sports and leisure. In different theme parks we show you the background of daily life in the former state of the Eastern Bloc. You will not only encounter old favorites, such as the Trabant, Spee or Nudossi. Rather, you will always discover new and unknown things in the abundance of exhibited objects.


Additional access information for wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility:

  • Parking at the in-house underground car park
  • Access to the exhibition via lift (door 159 cm, space of 165x196 cm for turning a wheelchair)
  • All areas of the exhibition are accessible and suitable for wheelchairs
  • Toilet: door 94 cm, 165x160 cm in front and 70 cm left of toilet, 47 cm toilet height, no handholds
  • Prior notification is not required

  • Wheelchair-accessible services and shopping possibilities throughout the centre

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Accessibility Information

Access to the facility / moving inside the facility

Ramps with > 6% ascent are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Entrance without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp


Operating elements with a height of > 115 cm are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space inside elevator min. 110 x 140 cm

WC for wheelchair users

  • Door width min. 70 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space in front of toilet min. 120 x 120 cm
    Space left or right of the toilet min. 70 cm
    Folding toilet support rails present