The Kunsthof (Artists' Court) arcade that links Alaunstrasse 70 with Görlitzer Strasse 23-25 is the site of creative, colorful and diverse activity. Five courtyards are designed according to specific themes, and they house numerous restaurants and cafés, galleries and shops. Today no one remembers whether the impetus came from the challenge of revitalizing run-down backyards, or as part of a concept to combine living, work and leisure spaces.

The Kunsthof passageway is a place for all kinds of discoveries – for instance, in the Mythical Creatures courtyard – and invites you to interpret the detailed façade designs. In the Metamorphosis courtyard, for instance, observant visitors can see the slow transformation of 24 pieces of paper. In the Elements courtyard, on the other hand, the colorful architectural details on the walls – various downpipes – turn into musical instruments when it rains.

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