Saxon Railway Museum Chemnitz

Frankenberger Straße 172, 09131 Chemnitz

Tel. : +49 (0) 371 46400


There are many railroad museums, but the railroad setting is unique! After all, it is the largest and most authentic historical railway area in Germany. Living railway history Our visitors can look forward to around 26 hectares. Fifty locomotives from different epochs, a functioning railway depot from the steam locomotive era as well as the historical buildings and technical systems of the globally unique cable pay-off system tell the story of the railway in Chemnitz and in



  • Visitor transfer with SchauplatzExpress
  • Children and family tours, children's birthdays
  • educational museum offers
  • covered picnic area
  • Demonstration of the wagon process (at special events)
  • Driver's cab rides (for special events)
  • Light rail rides (every weekend)
  • Model railway (1st weekend / month)
  • Hands-on museum

Industrial Heritage

Absolute authenticity

People looking for a fancy museum with a light and friendly atmosphere are ill-advised to visit the Saxon Railway Museum in Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf. Instead, it is better to wear sturdy shoes here. Visitors are rewarded with the absolute authenticity of the place. The Saxon Railway Museum is located on the site of what used to be one of the largest goods stations in Germany and is now the largest, functional steam locomotive depot in Europe. It has two roundhouses with 20-meter turntables and room for 26 locomotives, as well as the original track and workshop facilities. Although Dresden can claim to be the place where the first functional German locomotive was built, the locomotive construction of the “Saxon Engineering Factory, formerly Richard Hartmann” in Chemnitz was truly lasting and significant. In 1848 Hartmann delivered his first locomotive, the “Glückauf” (the traditional miners’ greeting) to the Saxon-Bavarian Railway and between 1848 and 1929 another 4,698 to railway companies all over the world – despite the fact that his factory never had a rail connection. Some of them are still in use today. The Saxon Railway Museum features numerous functional historical vehicles, from the 600-mm field railway to the express railcar VT 18.16, legendary among railway enthusiasts. And of course there are locomotives from Hartmann’s factory.

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