Saxon Commercial Vehicle Museum

Mühlauer Str. 2, 09232 Hartmannsdorf

Tel. : +49 (0) 3722 890049


In Hartmann near Chemnitz commercial vehicles, primarily from Saxon production, are shown in changing exhibitions.

Industrial Heritage

Commercial succes

It is more difficult for commercial vehicles to survive the test of time than for passenger cars. They suffer harder use, get worn out more quickly and if business common-sense commands, are cold-heartedly taken out of service. Therefore, the Association of Historical Commercial Vehicles deserves great recognition for preserving a rich Saxon heritage. After all, no fewer than 15 companies in Saxony produced commercial vehicles during the 20th century. Some, such as Horch and Audi only for a short time or alongside their other work, others successfully and on a grand scale. Some are now known only to specialists, such as the motor vehicle plant “Ernst Grube” in Werdau or the hoist manufacturer Sebnitz, which from 1912 to 1971 built mobile cranes with evocative names like “Puma” and “Panther”. Others were known by everybody, like the Barkas Works in Karl-Marx-Stadt, which for decades produced the small Barkas trucks as a successor to the legendary Framo V501, or the Phänomen Works Gustav Hiller, which later became the Robur Works in Zittau, and was successful with its smaller commercial vehicles worldwide. In the Saxon Commercial Vehicle Museum in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz, approximately 50 restored pieces from the much larger inventory of the association are shown in changing exhibitions and a functional setting. The spectrum ranges from the Presto, built in 1913 in Chemnitz, to the most recent exhibit, a Robur LO 3000 from 1991.

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