Pulsnitz Town Museum

Goethestraße 20 a, 01896 Pulsnitz

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It was a very unusual move that Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg made in order to be a successful missionary: on arriving in the Danish colony of Tranquebar, now Tharangambadi in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, he began to learn the language of the indigenous Tamils. His was the first translation of the New Testament and large portions of the Old Testament into Tamil. Other principles of Protestant missionary work can be traced back to him, such as promoting literacy in the population and training local preachers and missionaries. Already in 1707, just one year after his arrival, he founded the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church, which still exists today and reveres its founder. Ziegenbalg died at just 36 from the trials associated with his work and the climate in southern India. The house in which he was born in Pulsnitz is still standing. In St Nicholas’ Church, a side chapel is dedicated to him and the town museum shows a permanent exhibition to the missionary, who, alongside the sculptor Ernst Rietschel, is the greatest son of the town best known for its gingerbread.

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