Holy Sepulcher Görlitz

Heilige-Grab-Straße 79, 02826 Görlitz

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The rulers of Upper Lusatia – or the “Äberlausitz”, as the locals call their region – often changed, and none of them ever lived locally, which meant that the region could preserve a lot of its autonomy. This also allowed for the peaceful coexistence of Germans and Sorbs, and of different religions as well. This is documented along the Via Sacra, a tourist route in the tri-border area between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The holy cultural route leads to important religious buildings and art treasures and is marked by sixteen stations. Görlitz, arguably the most beautiful city in Germany, offers a unique example of medieval piety: The Heiliges Grab is a 500-year-old replica of the most important parts of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Since the church in Jerusalem was changed later, the Görlitz “copy” is now more faithful to the original than the original itself. From St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Görlitz’s Via Dolorosa leads up to the Holy Sepulcher, in 1000 steps, as in Jerusalem.

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