Dresden Church of Our Lady

Neumarkt, 01067 Dresden

Tel. : +49 (0) 351 65606701

Fax : +49 (0) 351 65606108



Versatility and international classical music stars shape the glittering music programme of the Frauenkirche Dresden (Church of Our Lady). Worldwide famous singers, orchestras and instrumental ensembles as well as renowned conductors make the concerts in the Frauenkirche Dresden on almost every Saturday of the year highlights of the German music scene. The offer comprises over 100 musical events. Church music of the High Baroque is accompanied by religious words during the "ecclesiastical Sunday music". During the BACH series, the Dresden organ series and the organ night concerts the Kern organ of the Frauenkirche comes alive. The church welcomes visitors from all over the world. Whoever makes use of the exclusive claim and season ticket offer not only enjoys the music but also attractive ticket prices and seats.


Additional access information for wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility:

  • Access through entrance A via lift (door 84 cm, space 92x139 cm) and with bell
  • Inside ramp (14% gradient, 2 m long)

  • Induction loop
  • 12 wheelchair spaces

  • Guided tours in sign language (preregistration)


The statue of Martin Luther lay broken in the dust. The ruins of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) stood behind it on the Neumarkt square after its famous dome, the “Stone Bell”, had collapsed as a result of the excessive heat, two days after the bombing of Dresden. It therefore seems to be a miracle that the Baroque masterpiece was reconsecrated on 30 October 2005, after twelve years of faithful reconstruction and with the help of donations from all over the world. During the GDR period, the people of Dresden had made the ruined church into a memorial to peace and thereby saved it from demolition. Today the Church of Our Lady again dominates the famous skyline of Dresden’s Old Town, as in the times of Augustus the Strong. As a result of Augustus’s conversion to Catholicism, the citizens of Dresden asked George Bähr, who had previously built similar but much smaller churches, to build a new Protestant church. The builder was faced with the enormous challenge of creating room for 5,000 people in a very limited space. It was not only a daring design but also represents the perfection of church construction according to Luther’s ideals. The congregation gathers around the Word, with the altar in the background. Since its reopening, the Church of Our Lady has become a vibrant meeting place, and Dresden’s Neumarkt has been resurrected to its former glory.

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Accessibility Information


  • There is a parking area for disabled persons

Access to the facility / moving inside the facility

Ramps with > 6% ascent are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 70 cm
    Entrance with max. one step or ramp


Operating elements with a height of > 115 cm are reported in the text

  • Door width min. 90 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space inside elevator min. 110 x 140 cm

WC for wheelchair users

  • Door width min. 70 cm
    Access without steps (max. 3 cm) or with ramp
    Space in front of toilet min. 120 x 120 cm
    Space left or right of the toilet min. 70 cm
    Folding toilet support rails present

Additional aids / Offers

  • Aids / Offers for deaf and hearing-impaired persons