DAStietz Chemnitz

Moritzstraße 20, 09111 Chemnitz

Tel. : +49 (0) 371 4884101

Fax : +49 (0) 371 4884199



Icon of the modern age

The warehouse was built in 1912/13 for the family-owned enterprise Tietz in Chemnitz. It is part of a group of 7 great warehouses that were built all over Germany by the architect Prof. Wilhelm Kreis within a period of only 5 years. With 4 storeys proper above the basement, representative patios, floor and wall covering, glazing, mirrored surfaces and lighting this building entrances with a reinforced concrete skeleton structure – a very modern feature in those days. Ingenious, how Wilhelm Kreis managed to fit this colossal structure into the cityscape by means of an accentuated façade design. In 1927, the extension (which has been preserved until today) was added according to the plans by the Chemnitz architect Erich Basarke. Today, the TIETZ unites the Chemnitz Museum of Natural History, the Chemnitz municipal library, the municipal music school, the Chemnitz adult education centre, the city archives and the cultural administration of Chemnitz.

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