Castle Chapel Dresden

Taschenberg 2, 01067 Dresden

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“The Word of the Lord endures forever”, the motto of the Protestant House of Wettin, can be seen in its abbreviated Latin form on the door of the Golden or “Beautiful” Gate, a masterpiece of the German Renaissance. The entire ensemble of the portal is a manifesto of the Protestant faith without equal. After acquiring the Electorate, Maurice of Saxony built a new castle chapel in his residential palace in Dresden on the basis of Torgau Castle Church, whose entrance was to be designed in a worthy and prestigious way. Augustus the Strong converted the chapel into a Catholic church. After the construction of the Court Church, it was converted into living quarters. The portal was installed in the church of St Sophia, whose ruins were demolished in the 1960s at the request of the GDR leader Walter Ulbricht. Then the Beautiful Gate landed on the Neumarkt square, where it stood, rather lost, next to the Johannäum. Now it has returned to its original spot. Within the framework of reconstruction of Dresden Castle, the chapel has been rebuilt in its original form. A particular challenge was the reconstruction of the famous rib vaulting. Now the chapel can be used again as an event venue: in the past it was already famous for musical performances. Heinrich Schütz, “Father of German Music”, performed many of his compositions in the castle chapel.

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