Carte Blanche Travestie-Revue-Theater

Priessnitzstrasse 10, 01099 Dresden

Tel. : +49 (0) 351 204720


The flamboyant Travesty Theatre enchants its guests with glamorous revues à la Lido and Moulin Rouge. Cheeky, frivolous and entertaining -scenes from popular musicals, top-class live-singing parodies and comedies are being offered in wittily staged shows. In a tasteful atmosphere one meets parodied stars in pompous costumes that tell of life between glamour and glitter. Every month a new star guest is presented. In the "Carte Blanche" the visitor experiences a complete bewitchment of the senses when feasts for eyes and ears, rich colouring, wit and a dash of eroticism are followed by international culinary delights.

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