Bad Elster open-air theatre

Carl-August-Klingner-Str. 7, 08645 Bad Elster

Tel. : +49 (0) 37437-53900


'Right Royal entertainment' awaits visitors in the former royal Saxon spa town of Bad Elster in September starts the Festival of Electoral Saxony. Readings and exhibitions and masterpieces from opera, drama, ballet and dance theater, concerts of orchestral, chamber and church music, cabaret and jazz are performed by leading ensembles and artists from Central Germany, Bohemia and the guest country Greece. Venues include the King Albert Theater and the Nature Theater, the oldest open-air theater in Saxony, which reopened in 2007. The performances of the Electoral Saxon Philharmonic Orchestra are always a pleasure. The members of the orchestra, which was founded in 1817, usually use historical instruments built in the Vogtland region of Saxony to play their symphonies, serenades and chamber concerts.


The open-air theatre in Bad Elster is the oldest open-air theatre in Saxony. At the beginning of the 20th century during summertime the Royal Saxon Spa Bad Elster was the meeting point for the aristocracy and higher society who enjoyed concerts and theatre plays in the Albert Theatre, built in 1888, in the spa house, erected in 1890, and in the 3 band-stands. In 1911, the idea was born to additionally build an open-air theatre in the style of the Ancient World in Bad Elster. The open-air theatre is also venue of the Electoral Saxon Philharmonic Orchestra.

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