Wine Festival of Meißen

01.10.2021 - 03.10.2021
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For more than 850 years, vines have grown on the sun-spoilt hills of the Saxon Elbland and provide delicious joys in glasses. In one of Germany's smallest wine-growing areas the grapes ripen until well into October and enable the vintners to offer a large variety of wines. In cool wine cellars, sunny garden restaurants and wine stores the guests can taste dozens of grape varieties, from Riesling and pinot blanc to Dornfelder.

A special experience are the numerous wine festivals in autumn, which celebrate Bacchus.

Meißen invites visitors to a good glas of Saxon wine!

To avoid big crowds of people, the wine festival 2021 is supposed to be decentralized in this year and stretched in the whole city and further. Wine growers invite to their farms and wine houses and even directly to the vineyard paired with a cultural framework program. Also many of the gastronomers in the histroical centre of Meißen will think about something special. There will be special offers in bars, restaurants, cafés and wine houses in the histroical centre to celebrate the wine and the joie de vivre.

Further information:

Due to the current situation, we kindly ask you to use our event information for orientation. However, before visiting individual events, please check the organisers' websites for possible restrictions and cancellations. We appreciate your understanding.



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