Traditional "Ablichteln" (switch off christmassy) at the Candlemas

02.02.2021 , Begin: 18.00 Uhr


Not only the torches of the hiking groups let the region shine in a warm light in January. Until exactly 40 days after Christmas, thousands of festive lights will keep the region shining. Miners and angels light up windows in villages and towns, candle arches decorate market squares and houses.

If you extend your visit to the Ore Mountains during the winter hiking weeks, you can experience the traditional "Ablichteln" ("switch off christmassy"). On 2nd February, the festively decorated villages and towns in the Ore Mountains then say goodbye to their glittering lights every year. On the stroke of 6 pm all Christmas lights are extinguished.

Christmas trees in the market squares lose their glow and pyramids stop turning. The New Year begins for the people of the Ore Mountains with traditional Ore Mountain dishes and atmospheric music.



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