summer vacation program "Must-See-Three"

21.07.2020 - 30.07.2020


Castle Augustusburg

Wednesday, 22 July 14:30

The maid tells
Listen, what the maid tells about castle Augustusburg! About the daughter of the weaver, about Hans who brought water to the elector or about the last bear of the garden. Special places are visited for example the old pillory, the ancinet linden or the dark hole of the fox.
price: 6€ p.p. reservation required

Thursday, 30 July 13:30

Becoming a stone carver

Learn a olot about the history of the castle and the well house. You are not only listening to exciting storys but experience how it feels to carve real stone. A stonemason will help you to produce your own work of art.
price: 6€ p.p. reservation required


Burg Scharfenstein

Tuesday 21 July 13:30

From squire to knight

The training requires courage, dexterity, power and team spirit, but in the end you are a real knight. Master all the competitions and swear to comply with the codex and the knightly virtues.
price: 6€ p.p. reservation required

Baking llike in medievial times

Baking together in a big wood oven medievial recipes. During this you will learn what is required for baking, which kinds of flour exist and what leaven is. You will get to know what people in medievial times ate and how important bread was. Of course you can taste and enjoy your baking results.
price: 6€ p.p. reservation required


Castle and parc Lichtenwalde

Thursday, 23 July 13:30

The art of soap production

In this workshop you will learn what is necessary in order to produce dozens of soap and what role it played in baroque- times when the castle was built. you create your own soap and refine it wirh individual flowers, oils and colours. While the soap cools down you make a lovely package for save transport.

Tuesday, 28 July 13:30

Castle treasure hunt

Go on the lookout for the treasure of Lichtenwalde. You will solve tricky tasks, look after hidden hints and explore the castle in a playful way. After succesful search you will get a little surprise.
price: 6€ p.p. reservation required




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