special exhibition "the smell of cherry blossom- textile art from Japan"

06.04.2021 - 30.10.2021 , Begin: 10.00 Uhr , End: 18.00 Uhr
Niederwiesa OT Lichtenwalde

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The special exhibtion "the smell of cherry blossom- textile art from Japan" applies itself to the Japanese cherry blossom as one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture. Visitors can immerse with all their senses in a Far East world.

Connected with the significance of the cherry blossom the special exhibition shows with an extensive exhibition how the cherry blossom found its way to textile art and into the daily life.
That includes kimonos, obis, shoes but also fans, folding screens or color woodcut. A Samurai-armament and swords are presented as well. Visitors can also put on traditional japanese clothes in a reenact Japanese room.

further information: Der Duft der Kirschblüte - Sonderausstellung | Die Sehenswerten Drei (die-sehenswerten-drei.de)

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