special exhibition "adventure Neiße. Storys at the river"

19.05.2020 - 22.11.2020



The "Adventure Neiße" becomes visible in two special exhibitions in Goerlitz. For the first time the Senckenberg museum for natural history and the collections of cultural history and ecology dedicate the Neiße and its environment an inter- and transdisciplinary exhibition.

Almost every human in te region knows the Neiße as a border. Despite its importance as mediator between east and west, a factor of economy and magnet for tourists but as well as memorial of european history, the Lausitzer Neiße has never been subject of a literary presentation.

That changes now. The cultural historical museum Goerlitz follows the tracks of the human along the Neiße and catches interesting places and stories. 

In order to discover all facets of the Neiße you get a discount if you buy tickets for both of the exhibitions. They are bilingual (german and polish).



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