Special Exhibiion "Shine on Me – The Sun and Us"

28.09.2018 - 18.08.2019

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…3…2…1… In late summer 2018 NASA’s Parker Solar Probe blasted off on a historic mission. Its aim is to get closer to the Sun than ever before. Shortly afterwards the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum launched a mission of its own: a large-scale special exhibition exploring the Sun from all sides. So welcome aboard as we find out more about the cultural significance, scientific findings and some unsolved mysteries surrounding the star around which everything on Earth revolves — and find out more about us human beings, too. How did ancient civilisations on all five continents view the Sun? What can solar science today tell us about the composition of our star? And what influence does the Sun have on today’s society, our well-being, and our everyday lives?The first thing you encounter as you enter the exhibition is a large-scale art installation inspired by space travel’s century-old dream of one day reaching the sun. From there you gravitate along seven ‘orbits’ examining the Sun from various perspectives: the Sun as a deity and a timekeeper, as a symbol, a luminous force, a remedy, an energy source, and of course as a star at the centre of our universe. The themes of the exhibition range from worship rituals in Ancient Egypt, alchemy and astrology to solar farms and space probes to bikinis, bombs, and pop music classics. Each section comprises hands-on research stations with an opportunity to look deeper into what makes the Sun so fascinating and allow you to reach your own surprising conclusions. Here comes the sun!

Further information: www.dhmd.de/en/exhibitions/shine-on-me/



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