Saxon Mozart Festival 2020

11.09.2020 - 25.11.2020
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In the three-year thematic cycle EVOLUTION of the Saxon Mozart Festival 2019-2021 Freedom - Equality - Fraternity, the programme 2020 deals with the essence of the concept of equality and deals with equal treatment, equal rights, equal opportunities and comparability.
In terms of music, content and form, concerts and events will explore and exemplify the impulses that the idea of equality can give to music and society in Mozart's time and today, and the questions it raises. Attractive features of the compositions, instrumentations and performers are also highlighted.

The change of date due to the Corona crisis has already been taken into account in this article.
All event details are also available on the website of the Mozartfest Sachsen.

Secure your tickets now! Ticket sales for some events of the Saxon Mozart Festival from 11th of september to 31st of october have begun. The events are published on and will be completed by autumn.



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