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Premiere of the play “In God´s Own Land”

29.04.2017 - 22.06.2017

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Upon the early death of Elector Maurice, his brother and successor Augustus dissociated himself from Protestants of other faiths and actually made Lutheranism the state religion. It was not before the 18th century that Saxony became more tolerant in religious questions once more. But the inglorious tradition continued to have an effect. The theologian Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg, who was ordained in 1741, was sent to Pennsylvania by the foundation “Frankesche Stiftungen” to care for three German-speaking Lutheran parishes. There he became involved in a dispute with Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, the founder of the Moravian Church from the Saxon town of Herrnhut, who wanted to unite all Protestants while allowing them to keep their individual practices. Mühlenberg on the other hand founded an institutionalised Lutheran church on the American East Coast and is still known as its patriarch today. Based on Mühlenberg’s life, the theatre Landesbühnen Sachsen has created a musical that is a product of the close cooperation of artists, historians, political and church institutions from USA and Germany. After some performances at the home venue in Radebeul the musical will be presented in Großenhain, Meissen and Torgau before going on stage in the USA as well.

Further information: www.landesbuehnen-sachsen.de



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