Opening of the new special exhibition "The Zebra and the Hummingbird

13.09.2020 - 21.02.2021
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The exhibition is based on the stories of the Berlin authors Claudia Opitz and Sebastian Köpcke. Told in verse and vividly illustrated in colourful pictures, visitors are taken on a journey that takes them through three books: "The Zebra and the Hummingbird - Encounter in the Jungle", "Reliable Friends" and "On a Great Journey". Zebra and hummingbird are talking animals in exciting stories of our time. One big and the other small, but when chance brings them together, they recognize each other. The zebra, a circus acrobat, knows only the sheltered life in the care of humans. The clever hummingbird guides him safely through all the dangers of the wild rainforest. In the end they are inseparable and happy to have found each other. From now on, they want to go through life together and pass all adventures together.

30 large-format picture panels with colourful illustrations and selected text passages are shown and children are encouraged to participate. There are various picture games and suggestions for handicrafts, painting and writing. Guests can contribute their own works in a visitor gallery. A short film about the book can be watched around the clock.

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