Historic Castle Christmas at Schloss Voigtsberg

19.12.2020 - 28.12.2020 , Begin: 11.00 Uhr , End: 18.00 Uhr



It is the experience of Christmas as it might have been in the past, an adventure for the whole family.  A Christmas celebration as it was in the Wilhelminian period, that time of industrialisation and the bourgeoisie, comes alive in the venerable castle complex at the historic castle Christmas. Whether shoe shiners, newspaper children or the wool shop - time seems to have stood still here. In addition to crafts such as spinning, blacksmithing or turnery, brush makers and leather tannery, the art nouveau giant swing or ceramic painting are not to be missed. Extraordinary details, such as a special newspaper for the Castle Christmas in the style of the 1890s, as well as duels on revolvers for honour and a Kinetoscope - a historical film viewer - put a historical mood for Christmas.

Opening Hours:
19th December- 22th December 2020
11 am- 6 pm

more information: www.schloss-voigtsberg.de/veranstaltungen/einzelansicht/event/956718



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