from Beethoven to Harry Potter- concert of the Elbland Philharmonie Saxony

11.07.2020 , Begin: 18.00 Uhr
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As one of the first orchestras the Elbland Philharmonie Saxony will make live music again from Beethoven, Grieg and Williams in front of an audiance.

With the year of Beethoven 2020 actually the anniversary of the musical genius was supposed to be celebrated all over Germany. Because of Corona numberous concerts had to be cancelled or postponed, also at the Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen. Therefore the overture of Beethoven to the tragedy of Goethes „Egmont“ op.84 as well as the fifth sinfony c-minor, the so called „faith-sinfony“ open the special concert in the Sachsenarena Riesa.

This is followed by Edward Griegs Peer Gynt- Suite nr.1 from 1875. The music is one of the most popular works oft he Scandinavian componist. The common special concert of the Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen and the FVG Riesa mbH under leadership of Ekkehard Klemm will be closed with the famous film music of „Harry Potter and the philosopher´s stone“ of John Williams so that little and older fans are impressed.

Tickets are available from 15th June. Price: 10€

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