"Freiheit schöner Götterfunke" schiller in plais




October 2nd the program of Schiller „Freiheit-schöner Götterfunken“ will be seen for the first time in „Palais Großer Garten“. It is something special to play at this wunderful place especially in times when free art has no easy job.


It is the hymn of europe: In context of the anniversary-year of Beethoven and the 30th anniversary of the german unity CERCA DIO has a focus on the „Ode an die Freude“: Schiller comes!

To Dresden! Christian Gottfried Körner and his family has offered the poet and passing military doctor their summer house at the Elbhang. He rests. For almost three years. He writes „Don Carlos“ and the todays hymn of europe. He designst he first comics of literature history. He raps about blabbermouthes and he poetizes, poetizes, poetizes. „art ist he daughter of freedom“- under this motto the program gathers enthusiastic texts, songs, music and pictures tot he topic of freedom from Schiller, Gottfried Körner and other artists of this time.



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