family-actionday: Stone Age - from crftsman, farmers and hunters

16.02.2020 , Begin: 11.00 Uhr , End: 18.00 Uhr
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A fire smokes on the yard in front of the house from wooden posts and clay, a child grinds grain with two stones and a woman chases the sheep from the field. Men dig a well and make new blades for their arrows. It could have looked like this in a small settlement at the end of the Stone Age. With a lot of craftsmanship and high precision they are pottering, carving, drawing, drilling or beating stone blades. Is this how we imagined the Stone Age? On Sunday, the 16th of February we want to bring light into the darkness of our past from 11 to 18 o'clock in the museum of the Westlausitz Kamenz. We want to try out with our visitors of the action day even many stone-age handicraft techniques, ignite fire, strike stones, carve, hunt or grind flour. We will show how archaeologists work to get all the knowledge about our ancestors and of course there are many exciting discoveries and guided tours through the special exhibition "The End of the Stone Age - The First Farmers in Lusatia". So on Sunday we go to Kamenz to the Stone Age in the Elementarium on Pulsnitzer Str. 16.

Date: 16 February 2020
Time: 11 - 18 o'clock
Place: Elementarium Kamenz, Pulsnitzer Straße 16
Admission: €5 per person / reduced €2.50 / family €10



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