exhibition "not only romantic"

09.07.2021 - 01.08.2021

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It is the first time for the Silesian Museum to present an exhibition focussing on 20th century art. Thus, it provides insights into an era which saw numerous political, social and economic upheavals. As far as the aspect of art is concerned, the period was first characterised by the romanticists revolting against the rational way of thinking at the age of enlightenment and being enthusiastic about a worldview, which was based on the subjective-sentimental, the fantastic, the mysterious and the adventurous. This attitude influenced many people in their way to approach nature, industrialisation, everyday life as well as history, politics and religion. The failure of the revolution in 1848, however, brought disillusionment and encouraged more realistic ideas to be adapted in art.

Numerous loans, basically coming from the Ostdeutsche Studiensammlung, illustrate the artistic variety as well as the connections between Silesia and the big art centres of that time. Many of the works have never been shown to the public before. In addition, the museum introduces new acquisitions bought for the collection of the museum with the financial support of its supporting association, the Förderverein.

further information: Nicht nur romantisch: Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz (schlesisches-museum.de)

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