Exhibition in the Erzgebirgsmuseum "POSAMENTEN: From hat string to shoelace"

10.01.2021 - 01.08.2021



Special exhibition - "POSAMENTS: From hat string to shoelaces - the industrial history of Annaberg and Buchholz".

Who still knows them today: braids, braids, tassels and laces? Which young person today can still make sense of the term "trimmings", which once influenced the life and everyday life of many generations of people in the local area at least as much as mining? The interactive special exhibition in the Ore Mountains Museum shows the great variety of trimmings production using the example of people who have worked in it themselves. A wonderful selection of original objects, film documentaries and eyewitness accounts convey the diverse traditions of a branch of industry that is in the process of disappearing. Exciting participatory stations invite visitors to become active themselves and make this special exhibition thoroughly suitable for families.

The exhibition lasts until august now and there are two more possibilities to get a guided tour through the museum: 11th june and 9th july 2021.

further information: www.annaberg-buchholz.de

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