Dresden Christstollen Day as an alternative to the 27th Dresden Stollen Festival 2020

05.12.2020 , Begin: 09.30 Uhr , End: 14.30 Uhr

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Dresden Christstollen Day as an alternative to the Dresden Stollen Festival 2020

One thing is certain: Dresden Stollen will be baked again this year and the traditional Dresden brand will be staged in an eye-catching way. However, there will be no celebration in 2020.

"In view of the current situation, we have decided that the 27th Dresden Stollen Festival will not take place on December 5, 2020. This step was long considered and not easy. The festival with its parade, the giant stollen weighing tons and tens of thousands of visitors is a matter close to the hearts of us stollen bakers and the highlight of every stollen season - for us, but of course also for visitors from all over the world," says Andreas Wippler, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e. V.

Tradition, handicraft and enjoyment in an attention-grabbing way: This is what the association focuses on on behalf of its members despite the cancellation of the major event: "We wouldn't be the Dresden Stollen bakers if we didn't have a few ideas in our pockets," says Wippler. "The special Dresden Stollen feeling can be experienced above all in our 110 member companies. But it's not only here, from November 23, visitors can also immerse themselves in our world in the Schaubackstube at the Striezelmarkt.

In addition, the centuries-old Dresden Stollen tradition is digitally staged with strong images and messages: With special promotions in the social media channels and on the website dresdnerstollen.com. This makes it visible from afar where the Christmas enjoyment is at home. In any case, delicious #PuderzuckerMomente (powder sugar moments) are guaranteed again.

December 5, 2020 is still the focus of Stollen baker activities. Small actions with Stollen bakers and the Dresden Stollen Girl are planned in the bakeries and confectioneries in the association area, in the Christmas city center and in the Striezelmarkt program. So the actual Stollen Festival day becomes Dresden Christmas Stollen Day.

Dresden's Mayor Dirk Hilbert, a self-confessed Stollen fan, is also looking forward to this: "With their tradition, Dresden's Stollen bakers are bringing a piece of permanence to these times. They are wonderful ambassadors for our city and stand for a strong craft and great commitment.

Not only in culinary terms, but also in the charitable sense, everything remains as usual: "It has always been a matter of the heart for us to be socially committed. Who we will surprise this year with our Dresden Stollen will not be revealed at the moment," says Wippler.



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