500th Annaberger KÄT Public Festival - higher - faster - further

12.06.2020 - 21.06.2020

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The highlight will be the jubilee KÄT from 12 to 21 June 2020, when residents and guests can look forward to particularly attractive rides and many unusual offers under the motto "Higher - faster - further".
It will be a KÄT that appeals to all age groups, brings back memories, highlights traditions and can be compared with the largest folk festivals in East Germany.

Visitors can also look forward to an attractive parade which tells the story of KÄT from its beginnings to the present day in 30 pictures. In addition, an ecumenical service will be held to remind visitors of KÄT's ecclesiastical roots. In this context the already promised greeting of Pope Francis will be read out in public.
For the first time there will be an open-air stage on the KÄT, where regional and national artists and event formats will present themselves.

The Festhalle will once again be part of KÄT. An extraordinary exhibition there will enable visitors to relive their most beautiful memories. Particularly exciting are historical film footage of KÄT provided by citizens, including a film from 1938 showing a KÄT festival procession, the fairground, fireworks and a "free balloon ascent".

Further information: www.annaberg-buchholz.de/kaet



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