25rd International Street Theatre Festival ViaThea

04.07.2019 - 06.07.2019

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When a City Becomes a Stage: Human-sized mice playing music and fire-breathing dragons hanging from cords – when suddenly fantastic beings appear in the alleys of the Eastern German city, every inhabitant of Görlitz knows: it's time again, the International Street Theatre Festival ViaThea is about to begin. During three days this grand spectacle turns the German-Polish town at the Neiße river into a cultural metropolis. Artists and theatre ensembles from all over Europe and the USA gather in Görlitz to present their skills on the highest levels. The streets are the stage, the magnificent façades from 500 years of architectural history form the unique backdrop. And the spectators can stroll through the city and enjoy over 80 shows just as the fancy takes them.

The range of participants is huge. They show stirring and fascinating presentations from mask and puppet theatre. There is dance and stilt theatre, walk acts, music and artistry, cirque nouveau and theatre installation, and the guests are not merely on-lookers but meet the artists on eye level and interact with them.

More information: www.viathea.de



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